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Nazis Didn't Chop Heads Off On TV, Either, Rummy. Does That Make Them OK?

Reported by Ellen - September 10, 2004 -

A horrifying AP story on FOXNews.com, Rumsfeld Downplays Prisoner Treatment relates that Rumsfeld defended the US military's mistreatment of detainees. "'Does it rank up there with chopping someone's head off on television?' he asked. 'It doesn't.'"

Comment: So bad behavior is OK so long as the other guy's is worse? My high school principal never bought that argument and neither did my parents.

Even worse, "Rumsfeld acknowledged once again that he had approved harsher interrogation methods for suspects captured in the global war on terrorism, but said the rules were meant only for the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, facility for terrorist suspects and had nothing to do with Iraq, where the prison scandal first emerged."

So in other words, he's off the hook in Iraq because he only used "harsher interrogation methods" in Cuba, not Iraq? Not necessarily. The story goes on to say that "Pentagon investigations in recent months have said there have been some 300 allegations of prisoners killed, raped, beaten and subjected to other mistreatment at military prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay since the start of the war on terror."

Comment: It's interesting but not surprising that this report is from AP and not a Fox News report. With all the relentless coverage of Viet Nam era military records, it's ironic that military records in the here and now are being largely ignored by this self-proclaimed "Real Journalism" network. My prediction? Don't hold your breath for any in-depth coverage on this extremely important topic anytime soon.