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Memogate- Phase II

Reported by Deborah - September 10, 2004 -

After Hannity created the idea of CBS media bias, he brought on two media experts, Brent Bozell and Bruce Shapiro to discuss this theory.Bozell was treated with respect and courtesy by Hannity while Shapiro was insulted and attacked. 9/10/04 9:21 PM ET

Bozell claimed that the memos were done on a word processor and couldn't be authentic. Shocked by the revelations from the interviews in the last segment,he agreed with Hannity about CBS's complicity.

When Shapiro mentioned that the story concerned Bush's missed time from the guard and not his flying record, Hannity lost it.

"I didn't invite you on this show to talk about his guard service! I told you that three times." His tone was very nasty.

Hannity continued his thread. "CBS has an agenda to help Kerry be elected."
Shapiro was angry and shot back at Hannity about the 1000 families of slain soldiers and once again hannity went after him ending the segment with a bark at Shapiro, " Get over it! I'm not talking about it."

Despite the chaos, Colmes managed to get some good points in with Bozell and
help Shapiro regain his footing so he could continue his role. Colmes's prefers to retain his dignity by avoiding the shouting matches so he finds ways to make his points with thoughtful questions.

comment: Hannity, who appears to have orchestrated this Memogate process, was not about to allow anyone to shed doubt on his theory. His comment, "I didn't invite you on..." revealed to me Hannity's desire to shape the show by telling guests what they can discuss beforehand.Hannity and Bozell worked together throughout this segment to prevent any opposing voices from being heard.