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Democrats Bash, Bush Command

Reported by Judy - September 8, 2004 -

Jon Scott did some slick talking today (Sept 8) in what looked like a "fair and balanced" report on what Bush and Kerry are up to today. As with everytime Scott opens his mouth, it pays to pay close attention.

Scott reported on Fox News Live that Fox would be covering Kerry's speech in Ohio live and that Kerry "is going to be slamming the Bush Administration for its conduct in the war on terror."

Then, Scott turned to Bush's day, saying, "In the meantime, here is the commander in chief, meeting with congressional leaders."

Later, he again promoted the speech saying viewers could expect to hear Kerry "blast" the Bush administration.

Fox covered Kerry's speech live, so what's the beef? The beef is the way Scott juxtaposed negative and positive images of Kerry and Bush. Kerry "slams" and "blasts," criticizes rather than proposes. And Bush is in command, above the fray, being "presidential."

Even more importantly, Scott blended the war on Iraq with the war on terror. Although Scott said Kerry would be criticizing the war on terror, Kerry actual began by focusing on the war in Iraq. Scott and the Republicans want voters to believe that the war on Iraq is the same thing as the war on terror so that they will support it. It's not the same and both Scott and the radical conservatives know it's not. Their words have no relation to reality. It's up to Democrats to keep the two wars -- the war on Iraq and the war on terror -- separate in people's minds.