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White House Uses Phony Reference to Dismiss Graham

Reported by Judy - September 7, 2004 -

Fox News Live anchor Jon Scott today (Sept. 7) let the White House get away with giving a reference to the 9/11 Commission Report that has nothing to do with the explosive allegations against Bush made by Florida Senator Bob Graham in his new book.

In Intelligence Matters, Graham wrote that the Bush administration blocked a FBI investigation into links between the 9/11 high-jackers and the Saudi government. The Newsweek article on Graham's book is available on MSNBC.com.

Scott played a clip of Graham discussing the administration's opposition to the congressional investigation into 9/11 and the independent panel's investigation. (It was a Bush 180: Bush was against it before he was for it.)

While John Kerry said the matter should be the subject of an independent investigation, Scott quoted the White House as saying, "There is no evidence of political intervention by the White House. Maybe he (Kerry) ought to read page 329 of the commission report."

But the quote on p. 329 of the 9/11 commission report deals only with the matter of Bush intervention in getting Saudi nationals out of the country immediately after 9/11, not with the broader question of Bush intervention in the investigation after 9/11.

The White House used a lie to cover up an abuse of power. If Scott or anyone else at Fox checked that page of the report, they did not bother to call the White House on it.

Neither did Scott ask Republican Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama about the out-of-context quote. Instead, Scott allowed Shelby to give Graham the same treatment that the channel gave Richard Clarke's book about his experiences as terror czar within the administration. Shelby said, "He's selling a book, too, you have to remember that. He's a Democrat and this is a presidential election." Well, Dickie, you're a Republican and this is a presdential election year. Shelby said he does not think Bush tried to stop or thwart any investigation.

Scott then tried to attack Graham's credibility by bringing up others who disagreed with him. He said, "One would think that if Porter Goss (from the House intelligence committee) saw a lot of administration stonewalling, that that would be big news." Scott did not quote Porter Goss as saying he saw no interference, but just speculated about what he might say. Goss, of course, is unlikely to criticize Bush after Bush nominated him to head the CIA.

Will this book be as popular on Fox News as the smear boats were in August? Don't bet on it.