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Unequal Advocacy

Reported by Eleanor - September 7, 2004 -

On Special Report with Brit Hume (Sept. 7, 6:00 p.m.), we saw another example of token support for democratic positions.

Mara Liasson as the only democrat on the Fox panel again was a weak advocate for democrats. She said that Bush has been successful at defining the election by including Iraq in the war on terror. Kerry wants to focus on the economy because when he speaks about Iraq, it's with conflicting views. (This comment totally reinforced the republican message.)

In the discussion about the deficit, Liasson said that in 1992 the deficit had political impact because it was put out there in a "colorful way" as a metaphor for a government out of control, but it's not an issue this year. (Again the opportunity to really explain how important the deficit is was missed.)

Her last opportunity was flubbed as well when she responded to the notion that voters need to have a sense of things getting better, and they do have that sense. Liasson responded that it depends on where you live. (That's not true. It depends on your personal economic situation, regardless of where you live.)

Comment: Again, this program purports to treat both campaigns equally. Through the use of weak advocates for the democratic side, it manages to treat the campaigns very unequally.