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Suspicions about Clinton's Health

Reported by Judy - September 7, 2004 -

As far as Fox News goes, you can't go too far when it comes to raising doubts about President Clinton, not even if you question the emergency nature of his quadruple bypass operation.

Steve Doocy, co-host of Fox and Friends, interviewed Craig Smith, Clinton's cardiothoracic surgeon, today (Sept. 7) about the operation President Clinton had yesterday.

Doocy noted that Clinton had been having chest pains last week and "the next thing you know, they say he needs this bypass surgery and some have speculated why didn't they do it right that minute. Why didn't they do it on Friday if it was so big and he was on the verge of a massive heart attack?"

Why couldn't Doocy just ask the doctor why the operation was put off, instead of adding the "some have speculated?" The ubiquitous phrase adds a sinister implication to Clinton's illness, raising the question of whether it was a true emergency after all and that Clinton may have been lying even about this.