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Sly, sly

Reported by Melanie - September 7, 2004 -

Dayside w/Linda Vester opened today (September 7, 2004) with a live shot of George Bush preparing to speak at an "Ask the President" campaign event at the Missouri State Fair. Linda Vester waxed poetic about the event and the President, and later Fox carried sixteen minutes of the speech live, beginning at 1:13 p.m. ET.

Amendment: "...and later Fox carried six minutes of the speech...."

COMMENT: Fox readily highlights hecklers or pro-Bush audience members when they appear at John Kerry campaign events. They don't, however, tell their viewers that the only requirement for the public to attend a Kerry event is that they have a ticket. Fox doesn't say that the Bush campaign stops, even the cleaverly titled "Ask the President" events, are so tightly controlled that any question Bush might be asked would only come from a fellow Republican, and any protester who might make it to within earshot of Bush would reveal a failure of Bush's security detail more than how bipartisan the crowd is. See this New York Times piece which says:

[U]nlike Mr. Bush's "ask-the-president" events, which are generally indoors or in closed-off outdoor areas at a safe remove both from security threats and from loudmouthed Democrats.

The overall impression, therefore, is that Kerry is more disliked than Bush.