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Pumped Up With Power

Reported by Deborah - September 7, 2004 -

Pumped up with a fresh infusion of Republican Power, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity crossed the line into another dimesion tonight. 9/8/04 9:31

Coulter was in a wild frenzy, flinging insults and dodging issues. Hannity was in super-bully mode, refusing to allow any dissenting opinions .Their blatant disregard for Colmes and the viewing public was astounding.

When Cheney's remark, suggesting that Bush must win or there will be a big attack,was mentioned by Colmes, Coulter ordered Colmes " Stop Whining !"
Then Coulter made a horrible comment about Kerry increasing the "body bag"

Looks like the compassionate conservatives showcased at the convention have turned back into growling attack dogs.