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Guest Tells Fox: You're Pro-Bush

Reported by Judy - September 7, 2004 -

The Calypso King, Harry Belafonte, today (Sept. 7) let Fox and Friends know what he thinks of their political leanings during an interview about Belafonte's campaign to promote testing for prostate cancer.

Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Belafonte about his comments expressing disappointment in Colin Powell's performance in the Bush administration. Belafonte said he was not singling out Powell.

"The entire Bush administration from top to bottom -- and I know the position of this station in relationship to the Bush administration -- I find them a great abomination."

Kilmeade interjected, "Oh, we have no position with the Bush administration."

I don't think Belafonte believed him. Nobody who saw Outfoxed believed him. Nevertheless, Democrats who appear on Fox News might remember Belafonte's line and use it in every interview they do.

Earlier in the same show, Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy was patting the network on the back for having higher ratings during the GOP convention than the three major networks. Radical conservative Bill Kristol said it was a "big moment, I think, in terms of the transformation of the media in this country and the loss of power of the three major networks."

Fox seems to be using its convention ratings to counter part of the Outfoxed indictment of the channel. I am talking about the concerns regarding concentration of media ownership. In Fox's topsy-turvey world, the three networks are the big operators and Fox is the little guy fighting against them, rather than part of News Corp., a media conglomerate with holdings around the world.