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Fox on Unions (It Ain't Pretty)

Reported by Melanie - September 7, 2004 -

Today (September 7, 2004) during the "Mailbag" portion of Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Cavuto chose to read and show what I thought was an outrageous viewer email.

Cavuto was commenting on reaction to yesterday's show: "You know, we received an unusually high and vitriolic number of emails after our Labor Day segment yesterday with those two conservative union members none too happy to see their union dues go to Democratic causes."

Cavuto then read three viewer emails. Two were anti-union. The second read this way: "Thanks so much for bringing the unions to task publicly yesterday. There is much more to their terrorist activities than this, however. Keep after them, please." (My emphasis.) (You can also read this letter on Fox's website.)

COMMENT: First, isn't it just like Fox to air an anti-union segment on Labor Day? Their president is doing everything he can to undermine life for working people in this country, and Fox misleads its poor viewers into thinking that it's unions who are out to get them instead. Second, of the hundreds, if not thousands of emails Cavuto must get each day, why in the world did he pick this letter, referring to union "terrorist activities?" Because union members don't generally vote for Republicans so Fox decided to suggest that unions engage in "terrorist activities" to be sure their viewers got the hate-unions message.

I'll stop writing now. My keyboard's smoking.