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Finally, REAL Polls

Reported by Nancy - September 7, 2004 -

Earlier this morning I was channel-surfing the cable news networks, trying to catch up on a holiday weekend's worth of missed news. Turns out I didn't miss much. But I did finally see polls other than the Time & Newsweek polls presented, as well as an analysis of what might be wrong with the Time/Newsweek polls.

On Fox, at 12:20am (EDT), they were replaying an earlier broadcast of Special Report. Jim Angle was interviewing Larry Sabato (one of Fox's favorite guests), repeating the "Bush bounce" mantra, tossing in a few attacks on Kerry & citing only the Time & Newsweek polls.

But a little later (12:35am EDT), over on MSNBC, they were replaying an earlier broadcast of Countdown with Keith Olberman. Olberman was interviewing Craig Crawford (of "Congressional Quarterly") about the problems with polls like the Time & Newsweek polls. They discussed the problems that sometimes taint poll results -- skewed samples, self-selection, accepting self-descriptions of "likely voter" or "registered voter". Olberman also presented polls from Rasmussen & The Economist done in the same time frame, both showing Kerry & Bush in a dead heat. Crawford made one particularly interesting observation: he said that he reviewed the past 3 election cycles of Labor Day/post-convention polls, & in 2 out of the last 3, whoever was ahead on Labor Day lost in the general election in November. Anyhow, it was refreshing to see someone, finally, point out some of the stuff that we've been griping about here for days.

Olberman ended the segment by playing an audio clip of yesterday's freshly-coined bushism: "... too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across the country." (George W Bush, Poplar Bluff, MO, 9/7/04)