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Post Convention Talking Point

Reported by Deborah - September 6, 2004 -

Hannity&Colmes always gives us a glimpse into the RNC campaign strategy and one post convention talking point stood out tonight . " He just isn't likable" will will now replace flip- flopper as the most repeated Kerryism heard on Fox, until the election.9/6/04 9PM

Rich Lowry was asked for his advice to Kerry, even though he's a Republican strategist . "Become more likable. A shake up in your campaign won't do any good if your candidate isn't likable."

Later in the show, Mike Gallagher, who is Fox's devoted mouthpiece, delivered a cutting comment on the subject.
"Is there anything that an aloof, arrogant, unlikable guy can do, to make people like him? Maybe warm and fuzzy sweaters this winter?"

When Hannity returns, this talking point will be added to his repetoire to be repeated every night and to every guest on T.V. and radio.