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Newsweek and Polls

Reported by Eleanor - September 6, 2004 -

Fox & Friends (Sept. 6, 7:00 a.m.) took time off from the hurricane in Florida to interview Richard Wolfe from Newsweek about the shake-up in the Kerry campaign.

According to Fox, the swift boat ads have shaken the Kerry campaign to its core. Wolfe: Mary Beth Cahill is still manager, but the new people being brought on are about "stature and experience." Kerry was "shouting at Mary Beth Cahill" about the problems with the campaign. He took the advice not to respond to the flip flopper accusations and the swift boat ads when they aired, but John Kerry is a good "closer" who picks up his focus late in the campaign. Do candidates listen to their advisor's or follow their own heart? Wolfe: They listen to advisers, but they are in control of the decision. Kerry's first instinct was to fight hard and early. Now, he'll move aggressively and with more focus.

When asked about problems with the Newsweek poll - that both campaigns are dismissing - Wolfe said they're not dismissing the poll, but the idea that the lead will last. We don't know.

Comment: There is no discussion of what the problems are with the Newsweek poll. If a viewer watches Fox exclusively, they hear that Bush has a double digit lead and not much else. See Donkey Rising and Newsweek Poll Horribly Weighted
for a good discussion of the Newsweek poll. (Thanks, CX)