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Fox Reports Only Two Polls

Reported by Eleanor - September 6, 2004 -

Fox continued with the constant repetition of the results of the Newsweek poll with Bush 11 points ahead of Kerry. The Time poll was added, with Bush ahead of Kerry by 10 points, to a discussion on Fox News Live (Sept.6, 12:15 p.m.). No mention was made of two other polls: Zogby, Sept. 2, with Bush 46% and Kerry 44% or American Research, Sept. 1, with Bush 48% and Kerry 44%. This "oversight" is particularly egregious considering that Fox is touting the Newsweek, and now Time poll, every hour on the hour today as if they are the only two polls out there.

In an interview about these two polls of Dan Burton, republican and Adam Schiff, democrat, Burton focused on the war on terror as the major issue, and said the voters have questions about Kerry's ability to lead. Jon Scott said that seven more troops died today. Burton responded that this is the high cost of the war on terror, and we must decide who's better qualified to defend the country. Schiff did not get the last word. He talked about Kerry's more vigorous response to attacks on his Viet Nam record.

See Polling Report for the newest polling data.

Comment: The way Fox is hyping these two polls, without making any effort to balance the reporting with the Zogby and American Research poll results - that are professional polling organizations - and not news organizations, is appalling. No pretense is being made here at fair and balanced reporting. The only hint that these polls are not comprehensive of all the available data is the reference to two polls. Does the viewer automatically assume there might be more? I doubt it. This is blatantly dishonest.