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Correcting Military Records

Reported by Judy - September 6, 2004 -

Is the U.S. Navy being used for political purposes? A right-wing group that tormeted President Clinton throughout his two terms apparently is asking the military to investigate John Kerry's medals. In a case of turn-about is fair play, perhaps Dems should ask for a probe into George Bush's military records.

A reader noted a story on Foxnews.com which says Judicial Watch asked the Pentagon's inspector general's office for the investigation and that office is referring the matter to the U.S. Navy. The story quotes navy sources as saying the service will look into the matter, but errors in processing records seem to be behind many of the alleged questions about Kerry's medals.

The full story is available here.

An interesting facet of the story is the statement that it is the responsibility of a member of the service to correct any mistakes in his or her record. Wouldn't that mean that George Bush has a responsibility to correct the many gaps in his record?

Judicial Watch has claimed it is non-partisan, but its actions in this case belie that nonsensical claim. If it were truly non-partisan, it would have asked for an investigation into both candidates' service. Any Democrats with extra time on their hands might investigate making up for Judicial Watch's oversight.

Want to bet on whether the investigation will be finished before the November election or after?