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Bush Ads Surround Kerry Story on FOXNews.com

Reported by Ellen - September 6, 2004 -

Go to FOXNews.com and click on "Campaign" Carl Cameron's video story, "John Kerry scrambles to get in the public eye after laying low all week." On two sides of the "screen" showing John Kerry, is a Bush campaign ad showing a smiling photo of George Bush and the words, "For a Republican victory in November, we need your help today. Contribute $50 now. Click here." Just under those words is a Fox copyright notice.

You can't watch the story without seeing two photos of Bush, two suggestions for compaign donations and a RNC logo. This is literally a promotion of Bush over Kerry by the purportedly "Fair and Balanced" network. Fox has also found a way to inject Bush into the Kerry story. You can't look at Kerry without seeing Bush twice.