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Double Digit Distortion

Reported by Deborah - September 5, 2004 -

Chris Wallace continued the theme, that the new polls make Bush the winner. At 5:10 PM, Wallace was asking Guiliani if he was considering a run in 2008, as if election day was over and Bush was victorious. 9/5/04 5PM

At 5:22 PM, Matthew Dowd and Tad Devine were presented with the double digit polls. Wallace went over the internal numbers showing how Bush was leading on every issue. Tad Devine did not challenge these polls and unfortunatly gave a weak answer about incumbants always getting a bounce. Dowd jumped in about the lack of substance at the Democratic convention, leaving the voters without a clear idea of Kerry's vision for the future.

Then Wallace jumped into an historical look at polls from past elections asking Dowd an obviously rehearsed question. "Since 1948, how many times has a candidate so behind on Labor Day won ?" Dowd answered, "Never come back from double digits." Dowd said that maybe the Democrats could "defy history"
by winning.

So we can expect this to be drilled into Fox viewer's minds throughout this week.
These polls have been tailored to suit the Republican Campaign message and they will be used over and over by Fox. Fox will keep bringing up the lack of bounce after the Dem convention, which was caused by the media ignoring the speeches. Fox talked over the entire program. Also, the day after the convention, the terror alert took over, causing everyone to forget about Kerry and Edward's speeches. Looks like Fox and the RNC have it all worked out.