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Bill Clinton's Heart

Reported by Deborah - September 4, 2004 -

We all know the medical explanation for Bill Clintons heart problems and there are many acceptable scientific reasons for the blockages needing correction.
Then there is the stress component, which lately is often treated as a minor factor contributing to heart problems. But I can't help wondering about the enormous level of stress that Bill Clinton has endured for many years and the role of the media, especially FNC, in creating it. 9/4/04

Bill Clinton always seems above the attacks and in his most recent speech at The Riverside Church in New York, he urged Democrats to try not to stoop the the level of the Republican attack machine. We have seen him do this many times in the past as if he has found an answer to the inevitable anger that comes after enduring an unjust and viscious attack. Well maybe, he never found the way to transcend anger. Maybe it has been buried and building all these years into a major health crisis.

FNC has found a way to blame Bill and Hillary for everything and when it comes to the Clintons, anything goes. Since my monitoring of Fox began in late 2003, I have heard some horrendous insults and accusations hurled at the Clintons, as if they were sub human and therefore fair game.

Of course, there is the heartbreak that Clinton must feel, watching all he worked for destroyed by this administration. FNC has never given Clinton credit for his eight years of prosperity and peace. In fact, FNC has done everything in it's power to deny Clinton his legacy by trying to reshape the public's memory.

When did this kind of unrelenting cruelty become accepted in our society? When did the organized destruction of a person's reputation and life become admirable? Maybe it's time for us to hold Fox, and the media, responsibile for their arrogant cruelty and maybe it's time, for the people spewing this filth, to consider the legacy they are leaving, for their own children

comment: Before all the little foot soldiers for Fox run to our comment board, I remind you that this is my observation alone. I am not accusing Fox of causing Clinton's problems. I am merely pondering the issue.