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Did O'Reilly Know about the TIME Poll Early?

Reported by Marie Therese - September 3, 2004 -

The O'Reilly Factor. 8:13 PM EDT. September 2, 2004.
Guest: Dick Morris

O'REILLY: "I think President Bush is going to come out of this 3 or 4 points ahead of Kerry in pretty much all the polls."

MORRIS: "I think he'll come out more 8 to 10.

O'REILLY: "Really?! A Time magazine poll on Thur - on Sunday. You think it's going to have Bush up 8?

I tripled-checked my tape of the show. O'Reilly clearly started to say "Thursday" instead of "Sunday". And Morris knew nothing of a Time Magazine poll.

Morris went on to quote statistics from Rasmussen after saying "...I don't know what Time magazine will do..."

Slip of the tongue or pre-knowledge of the Time poll?

You decide.

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