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Creative Protests

Reported by Judy - September 3, 2004 -

Fox and Friends today (Sept. 3) finally offered a short segment that was actually somewhat interesting, despite the propaganda embedded within it.

E.D. Hill did a voice-over for a piece on creative protests during the week of the GOP convention. The video showed protests using lights, a huge megaphone, and women wearing pink underwear with "expose Bush" printed on the front.

A cynical viewer might think that those small pieces of cloth were the only reason Fox did the segment at all. As with everything Fox, a viewer needs to think more deeply. There was actually another reason -- the chance to downplay the "Shut the Fox Up" demonstration outside Fox News headquarters earlier this week. The segment began with video of the demonstration and with Hill arguing that the creative protests were more effective than the shut-up-a-thon because when protesters start yelling, people stop listening.

Maybe so. I still think it was a cool idea and wish I could have been there. I would have shouted until I was hoarse.