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PBS on Convention Night 3

Reported by Judy - September 2, 2004 -

The lunatic ravings of Zig-Zag Zell did not look any more lucid during PBS' coverage of Night 3, A Nation Held Hostage, than it did on commercial networks, but one of its commentators did offer a possible explanation of his sudden switch in party sympathies.

Anybody who saw the speech knows what a fool he made of himself with his out-of-control rage and over-the-top statements -- Kerry wanting to defend America with spitballs, letting Paris decide when to defend America nation (right now we're little Allawi decide when our troops can fight) and believing that the Iraqis could possible see American soldiers as liberators right now.

His call for bipartisanship in wartime was a gross distortion of history. Republicans fought FDR every step of the way prior to Pearl Harbor. In 1944 they campaigned against him as a "tired old man." That's bipartisanship?

Miller was so consumed with hate that he did not notice how he was being used to do the Republicans' dirty work -- like the guy with the pooper-scooper who follows the elephant in the parade.

Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution had covered Miller in Georgia and was on a PBS panel prior to the Miller tirade. He said that Miller "is known for using harsh rhetoric" and said that Miller's switch in party sympathies was partly due to cultural differences. As a southerner, Miller did not like Democrats from New England and the west coast and gradually gravitated toward southerners who were Republican, Bookman said.

Sounds like Zell Miller is still fighting the Civil War.