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Miller #8 on Hardball

Reported by Deborah - September 2, 2004 -

David Gregory was on the convention floor asking the most hardcore loyalists, Tom DeLay and Orrin Hatch, what they thought of Zell Miller's speech. 9/2/04 8:15PM

While Tom DeLay was raving about the aggressive strength of Zell Miller's speech, there were two people standing behind him in very bizarre costumes nodding and gesturing to his comments. The woman dressed in colonial garb with a Betsey Ross cap was at one of his shoulders and a very tall Uncle Sam stood behind the other shoulder. Each time he spoke they mimed gestures of appreciation or sadness. It was really so strange and they call us wacko.

When the cameras returned to Chris Matthews table in the park they were discussing how effective this convention has been for the Republicans. Matthews was marveling at how much just 3 hours primetime and 30 hours cable can be for Bush's numbers. Matthews actually said,"Swift Boats was a wonderful preliminary to the convention."