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Helping Kerry

Reported by Judy - September 2, 2004 -

One of the frequent commentators on this site has proposed a way to help out the Kerry campaign. It's easy and quick. If your blood pressure is as high as mine is after watching three nights of Republican rantings, it might actually make you feel better.

Here's the suggestion, as it came to us.

> I'm always amazed by the number of highly intelligent posts registered at this
> fantastic site. I also often wonder where the Kerry campaign might be today if
> John were to take and follow some of the highly thoughtful but hard advice that
> is often freely given to him here. Concommittent with those very thoughts, I
> have also repeatedly ask myself: Is Kerry in fact surrounded (and insulated)
> a number of moronic, too-politically-correct, short-sighted, inept cowards?
> More and more, I am beginning to believe the latter interrogatory to be true.
> But how do we reach Kerry in order to give him even a glimpse of our
> take-it-or-leave-it, collective insights of what his campaign might be doing
> right or wrong? E-mailing him certainly would be a wasted effort. I'm informed
> by a good source that his campaign organization receives more than 10,000
> E-mails a day, and only a small fraction of those are actually read by a warm
> body in a timely fashion.
> However, at the same time I've been told by that same source that if you fax
> Kerry's Senate office with a hard copy of a question or suggestion, then
> all those written communications are eventually passed on and read by someone
> the mid-echelon level of his campaign organization.
> My suggestion at this point is both logical and simple. It is that you fax a
> written copy of your selected posts directly to Kerry's Senate office.
> I have two fax numbers and here they are:
> The Boston Office: (617) 248-3870
> The Washington Office: (202) 224-8525
> Except for the election, what do we have to lose? Happy Faxing, friends.