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Terror, Terror Everywhere

Reported by Nancy - September 1, 2004 -

FNL this morning (9/1) was pretty much a terror-fest.

In addition to the usual random tidbits of fluffy non-news & the obligatory coverage of the RNC by replaying selected portions of selected speeches (all of which is covered extensively elsewhere on this blog), FNL made a big deal out of the children taken hostage in Russia by presumed Chechen terrorists.

Don't get me wrong -- what's going on with those kids is horrible -- but why is FNL covering it? Normally the rest of the world (except Israel & Iraq) doesn't exist, as far as they're concerned, unless Bush is visiting somewhere or they've got grisly video to show (floods, typhoons, landslides, earthquakes). They barely mentioned the Olympics, for example. They're ignoring the genocide in Darfur, the massacres in Rwanda, the mess in Haiti, the nukes in North Korea, hurricane damage anywhere but the southeastern US. They almost never report health or science stories even in the US, so I don't expect them to report related stories that occur elsewhere (AIDS deaths, water rights, crop failures, famines). Our occupation of Afghanistan & the ongoing mess there is totally ignored, unless a bomb blows up some Americans.

They mention our "coalition" allies to report "good" stuff (e.g., terror arrests in the UK) but not the "bad" stuff (Silvio Berlusconi's family's criminal activities, or Ariel Sharon's sons' shady dealings). Some of our "allies" never get mentioned at all -- Uzbekistan, Mauritania, South Korea, Morocco, Nepal -- unless there's grim hostage-killing reporting.

So why this? Why now? Does anyone besides me see a pattern here?