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Taking On the Terrorists?

Reported by Judy - August 31, 2004 -

During their convention last night, Republicans tried to spin the war on Iraq into being a part of the war on terror instead of a distracting detour to that effort, and they tried to make George Bush look like the guy who fights back against terrorists.

Fox and Friends today (August 31) picked up the theme. Co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that Giuliani discussed incidents when nations did not aggressively punish terrorists, such as the 1972 Olympics attack and the Achille Laro attack, and said that emboldened terrorists.

Kilmeade noted that Giuliani said, "This president was the first person in charge to take it to them."

Instead of just repeating Giuliani's remarks, Kilmeade might have dug a little deeper into Bush's true response to terrorists. He could have mentioned Bush's big flip-flop on pursuing the terrorists who blew up the USS Cole , having called for action during the 2000 campaign and then allowing his advisers to brush it off after he was in office as "stale," as reported in the 9/11 commission report. Or he could have mentioned Bush's "statue defense" in the Florida classroom when he sat still for seven minutes after learning of the second attack on the Twin Towers.

Far from taking it to the terrorists, Bush's response to terrorism before 9/11 was non-existent. Anybody would have had the brains to retaliate after 9/11.