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Smearing Protesters

Reported by Judy - August 31, 2004 -

Republicans are counting on demonizing people who disagree with the president, and Fox and Friends today (August 31) tried to do its part.

Co-host Steve Doocy interviewed Sen. James Imhofe, R-Oklahoma, whom Doocy introduced as "our old buddy."

Imhofe put a halo on Republicans and devil's horns on the protesters, saying, "You know, I just think you look down there and you see these wholesome volunteers, patriotic, politically conservative Americans and then you contrast them with all these hate-filled protesters that are out there. I think it's great." Imhofe said he hoped the "liberal media" will keep showing the protesters because of the "great contrast" with Bush supporters. He also claimed that the same people show up at all protests and don't really know what they're protesting.

Fox and Friends had done little with the protesters during this hour, but Fox News Live with Jon Scott starting at 9 a.m. began giving them plenty of attention. Scott reported on the police search for one protester who allegedly assaulted either a police officer or a plains clothes detective (Fox used both descriptions during the hour, without clarifying which was correct.). Jamie Colby discussed the numbers of arrests and incidents, the bail set for one, and plans for more demonstrations today, but did not offer any interviews with protesters about what they were protesting. Fox also showed the video of the alleged assault on a police officer several times during the hour.

According to Fox, the protesters have no real grievances, are violent, and unpatriotic. The only way to be patriotic is to support the president, as long as its a Republican president.