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2002 NY Daily News: Principi a Swift Boat Guy

Reported by Marie Therese - August 31, 2004 -

Excerpt from an article published on November 10, 2002 in the New York Daily News, authored by Richard Sisk:

"Will the President sign the bill that comes out of Congress? If it's $58 billion, he could veto that bill," said Principi, a decorated Navy SWIFT BOAT SKIPPER (my emphasis) in Vietnam's Mekong Delta."

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi appointed Paul Galanti to the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2003.

Paul Galanti appears in two of the last three Swift Boat Veterans Smearing Other Veterans So Their Candidate Who's Given Them Jobs Will Win and Make Them Richer advertisements. Principi has attended meetings and swift boat reunions with Ken Cordier, William Schachte, Roy Hoffman and James Zumwalt among others.

It will be interesting to see how Kerry handles himself in front of the American Legion National Convention tomorrow in Nashville.

It may well be the most important speech of his political life. He will be bearding the lion in its den, addressing a room full of veterans in the heart of the Bible belt.

It's time for him to speak up for the thousands of veterans who supported his decision to oppose the war. And the thousands of us who opposed it here on the home front. It's time for him to take a stand. We far outnumber the 260 veterans who have demonized Kerry because they can't face the fact that their own government turned them into cannon fodder and abandoned them to a living hell and then surrendered.

Kerry needs to make a barn-burner of a speech, vigorously and proudly defending the ancient American right of protest, guaranteed to us by our forefathers.

Anything less won't do.