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Today's Theme: Disgruntled Democrats

Reported by Judy - August 30, 2004 -

Fox News is pitching in to help the Republican Party present itself as a party of the mainstream, instead of the far right, by carefully selecting guests for today (August 30) as the GOP convention opens.

The GOP, of course, is trying to put on a "moderate" face by spotlighting speakers such as Rudy Giuliani and AHnold, and playing up the presence of Democrats such as conservative Senator Zell Miller and former New York Mayor Ed Koch. Giuliani tried to promote the theme on Sunday with an appearance on "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert. Giuliani emphasized the GOP party's claim to be a "big tent" that welcomes people with diverse viewpoints. Russert read parts of the GOP platform to Giuliani and asked him whether he agreed with them. Giuliani's disagreement with large parts of the platform showed how far out of step he was with the party faithful.

The Republicans also pushed their "broad" appeal in a fund-raising letter the Bush-Cheney campaign sent to supporters from Zell Miller. The letter says in part," I have been asked many times why I, and so many other Democrats, support President Bush. The answer is simple - he is the right man to lead our nation at this time. I have also been asked why I don't support John Kerry. That answer is also simple - you can't make a chicken swim and you can't make John Kerry anything but an out-of-touch ultra liberal from Massachusetts."

In two hours of Fox and Friends and Fox News Live today, Fox picked up on the "big tent" theme. It featured Sen. John McCain, who appeals to moderates despite his conservative stands; boxing promoter and African American Don King, and Hollywood actor and producer Ron Silver, who is a registered Democrat and says he supported Al Gore four years ago. Silver was also there to promote Fox's pet theme that Hollywood is liberal, as Jon Scott introduced him by noting that there would not be as many celebrities at this convention as the Democratic one. Scott concluded by telling Silver, "Hope you work again, by the way," implying that actors who support Republicans are discriminated against in Hollywood.

Fox failed to mention the whereabouts of Secretary of State Colin Powell, who gave a prime-time speech in the 2000 GOP convention but is not on the schedule this time.