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No Moderate GOPs Here

Reported by Nancy - August 30, 2004 -

During this morning's speeches at the RNC (8/30), FNL declined to broadcast those made by some of the more "moderate" GOPs & thoroughly ignored former Dems in GOP trappings.

At 10:51am (EDT), Ed Koch was speaking at the RNC, but Paige Hopkins was busy discussing the Kerry daughters vs the Bush daughters with Fox News' Lisa Bernhard & Richard Johnson (Page Six editor of the NY Post -- which, by the way, Hopkins did not identify as another Murdoch-owned property). The sleaze factor was front & center, with Johnson suggesting that there should be a hot oil wrestling match for the 4, & Hopkins giggling that maybe all 4 should put on bikinis so we can get a better idea of their assets.

At 10:54am (EDT), Hopkins noted that Michael Bloomberg was speaking at the RNC, but that didn't stop the discussion about the daughters.

After some teasers & an ad break, at 11:00am (EDT) James Rosen reported from the RNC, talking over Bloomberg, who was shown in the background still delivering his prepared speech. Rosen's penetrating "analysis" included wondering who's sold more books, Koch or Bloomberg?

At 11:02am (EDT) John Scott interviewed Ralph Reed (Bush-Cheney campaign) about the new Smear Boat Liars for Bush ads. At 11:06am (EDT) Jamie Colby did some "GOP-in-the-street" interviews outside Madison Square Garden. At 11:09am (EDT) Jane Skinner read some headlines that included the announcement of a new #1 wanted terrorist (Abu Faraj al-Libi), bombs in Kabul & Hurricane Gaston. At 11:10am (EDT) Janice Dean gave a weather report. At 11:15am (EDT) John Scott interviewed Kirsten Powers (Dem) & Brad Blakeman (GOP) about the impact of the Smear Boat Liars for Bush ads.

And so on & so on & so on. Like everything else FNL does, this is "coverage" lite at best, & "coverage biased" at worst.