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Even the Ads are Lies

Reported by Nancy - August 30, 2004 -

OK, I know nobody expects TV ads to be perfectly honest. OK, maybe not even close to honest. But when I tuned in to FNL today (8/30) I saw a political ad I hadn't seen before that was a perfect propaganda vehicle.

At 10:18am (EDT), I switched on FNL in the middle of the first of these ads, sponsored by a group calling itself "Move America Forward". The name rang a vague bell, so I googled it & found this at Disinfopedia

Move America Forward is a front organization for the political public relations firm Russo Marsh and Rogers, which has strong ties to the Republican Party.

Move America Forward's internet address was initially registered to Russo Marsh and Rogers, but after the registration information was exposed and discussed on the internet, the details were immediately changed to exclude any mention of RM+R [1]. Move America Forward operates out of the same offices as RM+R and calls to the two organizations are answered by the same telephonist [2].

In the 2001/02 electoral cycle, Russo Marsh and Rogers received $2,475,223 in payments from Republican politicians, and no payments at all from Democrat politicans [3]. Move America Forward was launched in June 2004.

This first ad included the statement that Saddam Hussein was linked to the 9/11 attacks, & was shown over a montage of video clips of "unpatriotic" protests -- at least some of which were from the late 1960s.

A second ad from the same group, at 11:11am (EDT) featured Melanie Morgan (who turns out to be a talk show host for KSFO) & included the statement that "some" are willing to undermine the War on Terror for personal political ambition.

Question: has anyone else seen these ads or other current ads from MAF? If you have, please let me know when & where. Thanks!