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Unfair Fight

Reported by Eleanor - August 29, 2004 -

Mort Kondracke on Heartland with John Kasich (Aug. 28, 8:00 p.m.) gave his assessment of how the Swift Boat story evolved.

Kondracke said that people assumed Kerry was a war hero. No one had challenged that assumption. He had the support of his mates. Then the swift boat group gained "traction" through talk radio, with an "impetus" on Fox News. Kerry made military service an issue at the convention and called this a big smear. Then the mainstream media picked up the story.

Comment: That's probably how it happened, with a couple of things left out. Who else was involved behind the scenes? Since Kerry volunteered for a shooting war, was injured and can prove it with documented records, why shouldn't he be proud of that? How is it that the folks on the other side, without any documented proof, got hundreds of hours of free time on television to trash Kerry, and the time is drastically reduced now that he's fighting back? Where are Bush's complete military records? Is a military history in a real shooting war, with medals earned, pertinent to being commander-in-chief? Why is this story so one-sided?