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Still No Protests?

Reported by Nancy - August 29, 2004 -

At 6:00pm tonight (8/29), I did a compare/contrast of what was being broadcast on the major networks. Here's a surprise: Fox still isn't covering the protests in NYC.

Local stations affiliated with the major broadcast networks were showing their usual local news programs -- 2 of the 3 included stories about the protests in NYC within the first 15 minutes. My local PBS station was showing "NOW with Bill Moyers", which opened with a long segment about the confluence of money & politics at both parties' national conventions. MSNBC had Chris Matthews covering the RNC in NYC, with initial interviews of Susan Molinari (GOP, formerly a Rep from NY) & Chuck Todd (of The Hotline) assessing the demonstrations, their impact & security issues. CNN had a segment about the United for Peace & Justice rally in Central Park. Even CNN headline news was showing footage of the peaceful protests.

Meanwhile, over on Fox, Rita Cosby was interviewing James Gilmore (GOP, former Gov of VA) & Jerry Brown (Dem, of CA) about -- you guessed it -- the Smear Boat Liars for Bush "controversy", with emphasis of course on Bush's recent statement that Kerry served honorably in Vietnam.

Nope, as far as Fox is concerned, what's going on right outside their windows might as well be on another planet.