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"Fox Forward" Really A Look Back

Reported by Ellen - August 29, 2004 -

A segment on Fox News Live called "Fox Forward" reported this morning, 11:45 ET, that a Clinton fundraiser and event-organizer named Aaron Tonken is doing time for fraud. The visuals showed Hillary and Bill clapping, having fun and looking admiringly at a stage (and at the con artist, presumably), giving the impression that the story was really about them, not Tonken.

How could that not be the intention? I did a Google search on "Tonken" and discovered that this news story is five days old. Or is it just a coincidence that this story is being reported on Fox today, the day of the NYC protests against the Republican convention?

And come to think of it, has anyone seen a Fox Forward on the latest in the Valerie Plame investigation? Dick Cheney's secret energy meetings? Bush's missing service records? The Halliburton overpayments? Bush's claim to be a uniter, not a divider? The welcome the Iraqi's were sure to give us when we invaded their country? Paying for our invasion with their oil?

Don't hold your breath.