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Evangelicals Hijacked

Reported by Eleanor - August 28, 2004 -

Heartland with John Kasich (Aug. 28, 8:00 p.m.) had a segment on "some religious leaders say that the right has hijacked Christianity."

Dr. Tony Campolo, author of Speaking My Mind, was Kasich's guest. (This is a summary with key points in the dialog included.)
Kasich: Why do Evangelicals support conservatives?
Campolo: Abortion (mainly) but they haven't gotten much for it, with no action by the republicans, while ignoring a host of other social issues. 80% will vote conservative without questioning them on other issues.
Kasich: Democrats make no effort to court them.
Campolo: The control is from religious talk radio. They make Fox look liberal....right wing radio made Jesus a republican.
Kasich: Fox News gets both sides. We're more balanced than just the conservative side.
Campolo: The courts are a problem. They did not overthrow Roe vs Wade.
Campolo: Conservatives have done nothing for the environment or poverty. Evangelical issues.
Kasich: When in the House, I helped poor people in Africa.
Campolo: Democrats have done a lot for poor people.
Kasich: Evironmentalists have shut down plants. Become extremists.
Campolo: They don't have to be extremists. We cannot allow them to destroy God's earth. Bush has deregulated the auto industry. Gas guzzlers that are polluting had restrictions removed.
Kasich: I was there for 18 years was helpful to the poor. It's politicians on both sides.
Campolo: I'm upset it's become partisan. Jesus would not approve.