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Siege Mentality

Reported by Judy - August 27, 2004 -

Fox News Live today (August 27) seemed bent on creating a picture of the Republicans under siege in New York in advance of the convention which opens Monday.

Jon Scott's first hour devoted "team coverage" to the matter, with Jamie Colby reporting on St. Vincent's hospital preparations for dealing with victims of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks and James Rosen talking about the number of demonstrators arrested so far -- a whopping 21.

He also noted that half of the New Yorkers polled wish the Republicans had chosen another city for their convention.

Scott also discussed security around Madison Square Garden with James Kallstrom, senior terrorism adviser to the New York governor.

Earlier, Fox and Friends had interviewed New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly about plans for dealing with protestors.

It seems that Fox thinks what will be happening outside Madison Square Garden will be more interesting than what will be going on inside.