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Shallow Tidbits of "News"

Reported by Eleanor - August 27, 2004 -

On Dayside today (Aug. 27, 1:00 p.m.), Mike Jerrick spent one minute today on Bush's executive orders to revamp the intelligence service. He "wants to work with Congress," but for now the orders say to give the CIA director more authority, create a new counter terrorism center, and set guidelines for intelligence sharing. (I wonder what Congress is supposed to do? Executive orders seem really popular these days.)

Another minute was spent on Fox polls stating that Kerry's leading poll numbers have dropped from 48% - 43% to 45%-44% in the last few weeks because of the swift boat ads.

Also, Bush said he "miscalculated" the length of the war in Iraq. We are a "victim of our own success," according to Monica Crowley, Fox Contributor. Ellen Ratner, Former White House Reporter, blamed the current Iraq mess on leaving the resistance and weapons in place. Monica responded that it takes time, and now we have two countries, Israel and Iraq, that are "beacons of hope" in the Middle East.

Less than a minute was spent on the smear vet mess, other than the comment about the polls. Najaf and the Russian terrorism were mentioned.

Comment: With the downsizing of the smear boat story, Dayside is a mixture of minor reinforcement of a few political points as needed, and a little sensationalism about celebrity trials, various murders, and people in trouble. With one hour of TV time, they miss a grand opportunity to cover something important like world hunger, genocide, health care, poverty, jobs or other educational, thoughtful topics people should know about. Oh well, if they did that, their regular audience would probably switch channels and watch the latest shallowness on some other faux news network.