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SBVT: Hot on the Money Trail

Reported by Marie Therese - August 27, 2004 -

The Smear Boat Vets have cost Kerry some points, not because there is any validity to what they're saying, but because our side hasn't fought back! I suggest the Democrats learn about the theory of archetypes developed by marketing expert Clotaire Rapaille, who is featured in a small cameo in Outfoxed.

Rapaille has a great following among the CONservatives (CONs) for a good reason! He's tapped into something I think the PROgressives (PROs) have overlooked. Rapaille would say that Kerry can post his military records on the web until he's blue in the face. It doesn't matter. The damage has been done. He's seen as a target, not a shooter.

According to Rapaille, Kerry is frequently "off code". The NASCAR American has been indoctrinated to value quick action and snappy one-line zingers as indicative of "power" and to disdain thoughtfulness and diplomacy as "French" and wimpy. (I kid you not. FOX News is absolutely laughable in their pervasive use of the term "French" to describe a lack of resolve.)

The Democrats have GOT to start firing some salvos of their own instead of always reacting to ATTACKS. For instance, why haven't they investigated the smaller Swift Boat donors? Here's what I've found on the internet running searches of some of their names.

Swiftee Paul Galanti (who appears in the second ad) works for the Dept of Veterans Affairs and attended Veterans Affairs meetings between April 28-30, 2003. Also present were Ken Cordier and Anthony Principi and they were discussing computer databases for former POWs. Galanti's own webpage does not say that he's resigned from this job, so the implication is that he is still a member of the government and serves under of Anthony J. Principi, who in turn was nominated by Bush and confirmed by the Senate to head the second largest department in the Federal Government.

Here's something from the White House website: "Mr. Principi is a 1967 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., and first saw active duty aboard the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy.  He later commanded a River Patrol Unit in Vietnam's Mekong Delta."

The Mekong Delta? River Patrol Unit? 1967? Principi knew about Swift Boats in Vietnam because in a speech delivered to the Swift Boat Sailors Reunion on March 22, 2003 he says: "The good news was that you shut off the NVA's coastal supply line...the bad news was that you sent them my way. Thanks a lot."

Two other Swift Boat Vets for Truth were present at that Swift Boat Reunion - Admiral Roy Hoffman and James Zumwalt. Unfortunately the link for the guest list is unavailable because it has exceeded its bandwidth, so I couldn't obtain the complete attendees list (at least not yet! I'm working on it). However, in a letter of May 4, 2004 SBVT supporter Ken Briggs mentions that he attended this same reunion. Over 300 Swift Boat Vets were present. Sen. Kerry made a brief appearance. A photo on the website does mention that Sen. Kerry was wearing a bomber jacket. That jacket figures prominently in many of the anti-Kerry postings on conservative websites as well as in several of the letters written by some of the Swiftees.

In addition, the reunion was attended by Admiral Robert Natter, who was Commander in Chief of the Atlantic Fleet at the time. In January 2004 after retiring Adm. Natter joined the Board of Directors of United Defense. Frank Carlucci is on the same Board of Directors. Shall we play Six Degrees of Separation from the Carlyle Group? Carlucci's cozy cartel includes both Bushes and a bin Laden or two!

The name of one of the donors to the first SBVT ad was misspelled. The correct name is "Paraclete Armor and Equipment" but on their IRS Form 8872 (PDF), it is typed in TWICE incorrectly as "Paraclette Armor and Equipment."

Tim D'Annunzio of Raeford, NC owns Paraclete Armor and Equipment. According to the GSA in a phone call I made to them on Tuesday, Paraclete was approved to be a GSA Schedule Holder on 12/26/03. Yet their website is incorrect. It says that they are a "Pending GSA Schedule Holder" (Paraclete Armor & Equipment). Should a GSA Schedule Holder be allowed to support a political ad? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Paraclete stands to benefit from a company relocation facilitated by North Carolina Republican Congressman Robin Hayes, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee. In a story that appeared in the Raeford News-Journal Victoriana Summers writes:

(Begin excerpt) Complete Parachute Solutions (CPS) would operate in tandem with Paraclete Aero, a new parachute equipment company opening near the Raeford airport in September, according to Congressman Robin Hayes, who helped arrange the deal.

CPS will venture with Paraclete Aero, owned by Raeford resident Tim D'Annunzio. He is also president of Paraclete Armor and Equipment of St. Pauls, a manufacturer of body armor. Hayes was instrumental in the government appropriating $300,000 for purchasing military parachute equipment, ensuring CPS, based in Deland, Florida, could transfer its operation to Hoke.

"Congressman Hayes has worked very extensively with CPS officials in an effort to convince them to open a facility in North Carolina's 8th District," Jonathon Felts, a spokesman for Hayes, said. "Company officials noted that the Hoke area has a strong manufacturing base and also liked the location because of its proximity to Fort Bragg."

Hayes, also a member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, made the announcement on Monday. "National Security and economic security are my top two priorities," Hayes said. "I am pleased when both of those objectives can be met with one action. This is a great day for our economic security, but is also a good day for our national security." (End of excerpt) SPECIAL NOTE: Three hours ago I checked this cached link. It was exactly as I've quoted it here. However, it's 7:31 EDT and I just checked it again. It's completely different. I have a hard copy of what I've posted here. Will call the paper to get a hard copy from them.

Earlier this year, in April 2004, Paraclete lost a lucrative GSA contract for protective vest systems to Eagle Industries (File B-293509). Then in May 2004 a solicitiation from the GSA mentions two models of Paraclete vests as part of another GSA bid solicitation (FBO #0895 SOLICITATION NOTICE). Are these the same vests? If so, the question becomes, why would the Army be requesting them if, in fact, they were originally rejected as not being up to the standards required by the GSA? Were design changes made in the 30 days between bids? Or is something else going on here?

Ann C. Iverson, of Houston, Texas, who donated to the first ad, works for one of the biggest advertising and marketing firms in the United States - Batten, Barton Durstine and Osborne (BBDO). Who is Ann Iverson and why did she donate? Is she connected to the Bush White House in any way? Is BBDO connected to the Swift Boat ad?

The same goes for Christine M. Lindsay. She lists herself as a homemaker and lives in Loudonville, New York. Has anyone checked to see if she's somebody's sister or aunt or wife or girlfriend?

And, no one's explained to me yet how a group that raised a mere $148,000 could afford to place an ad buy for $500,000? Who paid for the placements of the first ad? The second ad was paid for by small donations made through the website (if the Swiftees are to be believed) but the first ad is the one in question. No one seems to know where that missing $352,000 is? Who fronted the Smear Boat Vets that money? Could it be the "phantom George Soros on the crazy right wing side" that Bill O'Reilly mentioned on the Factor, 8/5/04?

I wonder where the money trail leads next....