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News You Can't Use

Reported by Nancy - August 27, 2004 -

FNL this morning (8/27) was the usual pastiche of quick cuts, brief content-free reports about fluff, & absolutely non-essential information. In addition to stories about Kobe Bryant, Amber Frey & Scott Peterson, there were positively upbeat blurbs about the RNC & the obligatory (for Fox) GOP-spun coverage of the Smear Boar Liars for Bush. Among all this non-news, one interview was especially gratuitous.

At 10:51am (EDT), Bill McCuddy interviewed two of the spouses who participated in the upcoming season of the TV show "Trading Spouses". Surprise! That's a Fox show. FNL somehow -- while ignoring important stories like Darfur, the Olympics, the economy, etc etc etc -- managed to find 4+ minutes (twice the length of the "normal" FNL news report) to devote to cross-promoting another Murdoch-owned property. McCuddy even managed to get in a plug for "The Simple Life" (also a lame Fox show).

Aren't they cute?