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Did She Really Say That?

Reported by Judy - August 27, 2004 -

Fox and Friends spends a great deal of air time on the Kobe Bryant case, but this newshound hasn't found much notable in its coverage, until today (August 27).

Co-host Mike Jerrick was talking about jury selection and said that race will probably factor into it.

"Does it?" asked E.D. Hill.

"You would think, yeah," replied Jerrick.

Hill went on, "But did race factor in that much ... in the O.J. jury?"

"Yeah," Jerrick said. "Didn't that come down to African Americans' relationship to the police ... ?"

Still not embarrassed enough to shut up, Hill said, "But you would have expected more minorities on that jury then . ... If you were to go with that train of thought, that is who you would want on there to buy into it, you would think."

Doocy interjected that the first O.J. jury was predominately minority while the jury in the civil trial was predominately white.

The lightbulb finally went on. "Hmm, so that (race) does factor into it then," said Hill. And Doocy quickly changed the subject to the New Jersey governor.

Makes you wonder how stupid the people were who Hill beat out for that job.