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Absolutely an Idiot

Reported by Judy - August 27, 2004 -

Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy today (August 27) tried to go head-to-head with former U.N. ambassador Richard Holbrooke, a Kerry adviser, but came off looking like a GOP stooge.

Doocy usually plays the part of the stooge on this show anyway, but in this case it wasn't intentional. Holbrooke was talking about the smear boat attacks, calling them bizarre. "These people are arguing about trivia", he said. The important thing was that Kerry had volunteered for the "most dangerous conceivable mission in Vietnam" while Bush and Cheney had found way to avoid the war. The discussion, he said, was distracting attention from the war in Iraq, which is every bit as serious a conflict as was Vietnam.

Doocy then tried to claim that the smear boaters deserved to be believed because there were a lot of them. "It just seems extraordinary. It would be one thing if there were like three guys who said John Kerry didn't do all of that stuff. But there are so many of them. There are 264 of these guys who say, as is the name of their book, Unfit for Command, while only a dozen or two who actually worked with him, who support his candidacy."

Holbrooke started to answer, saying, "If you absolutely believe what you just said ... " when Doocy broke in and said, "I absolutely do." Holbrooke went on to say "you think that 264 eyewitnesses have come forward just by coincidence in the last weeks of the campaign." Doocy interrupted to say no while Holbrooke was talking, going from "absolutely, I do, " to "no" in a matter of seconds.

Holbrooke described the smear vets as highly politicized people who signed onto the ads because they hate John Kerry and who are making stuff up about things that happened 30 years ago, leading Doocy to ask, "So you're saying we're liars?"

"I am saying to you very simply that the official chain of command of the U.S. Navy awarded him three purple hearts, a bronze star, and a silver star," said Holbrooke, and that it was silly to be discussing the issue when the president and vice president both found ways to avoid serving.

Throughout the interview, Holbrooke was calm, articulate, and authoritataive, never allowing himself to be diverted from his message. Doocy sounded like a silly adolescent next to him.

This six minute dialogue came after another five minutes on smear boats at the beginning of the show during which the co-hosts eagerly discussed another veteran who has come forward to claim that Kerry shot himself to win his first Purple Heart. Hill claimed the rear admiral who came forward has no connection with the smear vets. They also gave mention to the citation of a second sailor whose citation backs up the Kerry campaign in saying that his boat came under enemy fire the day he earned the Silver Star.

Doocy ended the segment, smugly saying that the Kerry campaign "are completely knocked off message."