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Why Is Bush Bothering?

Reported by Judy - August 26, 2004 -

Fox News told us today (August 26) that George Bush is off to New Mexico to campaign in a state he narrowly lost to Al Gore four years ago, but the rest of the information in the report makes one wonder why Bush is bothering to show up at all.

Molly Henneberg, reporting from the White House during both Fox News Live and Fox and Friends, laid out Bush's travel plans in New Mexico. First to heavily Democratic Las Cruces (53 percent, Republicans 29 percent) where Bush lost by 2,600 votes. Then to Farmington, which is the more conservative part of the state, but where twice as many Democrats have registered to vote as Republicans (32,000 Dems, 16,000 Republicans), and then to Albuquerque, which is also majority Democratic, but has sent Republicans to Congress for the last 20 years. Henneberg also said that 17,000 independents have registered in New Mexico recently.

Those numbers add up to a lost cause for Bush in my book. If party lines were to hold, Bush would need to get nearly every single independent vote to catch the Dems. Why is Bush wasting his time there? Maybe because the numbers aren't much better any place else.