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Time to Stop Now

Reported by Eleanor - August 26, 2004 -

Dayside with Mike Jerrick (Aug. 26, 1:00 p.m.) spent four minutes on the smear boat story at 1:34 with two women who talked over each other the entire time, so the conversation was a little muddled. Jerrick must have expected this because he asked if they were sitting too close before the discussion began. Jerrick said that both candidates want to focus on real issues. "I beg you both, we want to move on." Julie Roginsky, the democratic spokesperson, indicated that Kerry can't do anything but "show the shrapnel" in this leg at his point.

At the beginning of Fox News Live at 2:00 p.m., Jane Skinner reported that Bush is "out in front," and wants to ban all ads. He called on McCain to join him in court to shut down the ads.

Kerry agreed to pull the McCain ad, but his aids say he's committed to a counter offensive. He challenged Bush to a weekly debate, but this is "not a serious challenge" because three debates have already been agreed to.

Kerry is in a counter-attack mode focused on Bush's character and integrity, accusing him of being behind the ads.

Comment: So after weeks of one side of the story, with little defense, it's time for the story to go away. It will be interesting to see how much air time Kerry gets now that the counter attack has begun.