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Left-leaning Hollywood

Reported by Judy - August 26, 2004 -

Fox and Friends today (August 26) poked fun at the upcoming Republican National Convention, but there was method in their madness.

Co-host Steve Doocy interviewed Andrew Breitbart, author of Hollywood Interrupted and a contributor to the Drudge Report, about the lineup of "stars" at the GOP convention. Doocy led off by noting that "it's clear that the Democrats have a lot more big stars than the Republicans."

Breitbart played his part, saying he considered the GOP line-up a "crime against humanity." Aside from some big-name country-western stars, the not-so-bright stars include a long-board surfer from Hawaii, Alec Baldwin's brother, and Wayne Newton. (What? No Brittney?)

Breitbart said the Democratic stars aren't really trying to sway voters so much as get to be on camera and act important. He called into question their loyalty to the ticket, noting that Matt Damon had supported Dennis Kucinich.

The larger agenda for the segment was to reinforce Fox News' contention that everybody knows Hollywood "leans left" so the endorsements don't mean much. And the morally superior Republicans wouldn't want anything to do with those pagens from Hollywood anyway.

Except for Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Charlton Heston, Ahnold, and 20th Century Fox pictures.