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Hiding Bad News

Reported by Eleanor - August 26, 2004 -

On Studio B (Aug. 26, 3:00 p.m.) Shephard Smith interviewed Eric Burns about how the media has changed its coverage of Iraq since June 30.

Burns said that the Iraq story is the same every day. It's very repetitious. There is "show biz" in the news. The Iraq story upsets every viewer who has bias for and against the war. The story like the one Ted Koppel did of the names of all who died is something no one likes to watch.

Shep suggested that keeping reporters in Iraq is expensive. Burns said it's not the expense so much as the negatives in the stories.

Shep mentioned that the media didn't push hard enough to cover the soldiers coming back in boxes after the president requested no coverage. Burns said we don't need pictures, but the reason provided by the administration was an "invasion of privacy." These are generic boxes with no names, and the administration should have had a more valid reason.

Comment: I guess this means we can expect more coverage of Iraq since the Shrine story has been settled, and they need an excuse to stop covering Cambodiagate. I found the explanation for the absence of news from Iraq extremely shallow and transparent. They aren't covering Iraq because it's a political disaster for Bush, period. Now with Sistani gaining power, with the potential for a conflict between theocracy and democray, the issue will get even stickier. And I doubt very much if they'll push any harder to greet and honor the coffins with Americans looking on. I find that despicable. So far, they have managed to hide 1,000 deaths and 6,000 injuries. And how about the thousands of Iraqi dead? Nine more weeks.