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What They Missed

Reported by Judy - August 25, 2004 -

Could Fox and Friends be making better use of its time than beating the smear boat issue to death? A comparison of Fox and Friends' top stories today (August 25) with some of those in The New York Times shows there is plenty of other news out there.

Fox and Friends concentrated on smear boats, the Russian plane crashes, Najaf and Iraq, border safety, and briefly mentioned Cheney's statements about gay marriage and the arrest of the guy who took pictures of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Fox and Friends could have squeezed in something about the Abu Ghraib prison report and its implications for Donald Rumsfeld; a State Department report about atrocities in the Sudan; war crimes trials at Guantanamo; an EPA survey of fish advisories showing mercury in fish; a plan by Northwest Airlines to charge $10 for tickets issued at the airport; and a crackdown on crimes related to junk e-mail and internet scams.

While they were at it, they could have played more of Dick Cheney's statement about gay marriage. Fox and Friends only played the segment in which Cheney said the issue should be left to the states. It did not play the part, as reported in the Des Moines Register, in which Cheney said, "My general view is that freedom means freedom for everyone - people ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to."

Could it be that Fox didn't want to call attention to the fact that Cheney's position is even more liberal than John Kerry's? Kerry opposes both the constitutional amendment Bush wants and gay marriage in general.