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Maybe I Just Don't Get It

Reported by Melanie - August 25, 2004 -

Your World w/Neil Cavuto is Fox News' premiere, "business and financial show," akin to Lou Dobbs on CNN. It begins weekdays at 4:00 p.m. ET, immediately after the close of the stock market. With that in mind, here is an outline of today's (August 25, 2004) show:

1. Steve Harrigan reporting from Moscow on the two Russian airplane crashes and whether or not they were caused by terrorists.

2. Mary Shiavo, former NTSB Inspector General, on whether or not the two Russian airplane crashes were caused by terrorists.

3. Isaac Yeffet, former security chief for El Al airlines on whether the two Russian plane crashes were caused by terrorists.

4. Reporter Amy Kellogg from Iraq on the return of al Sistani and his effort to mediate a peace in Najaf.

5. Bob Beckel, Democratic "strategist" and Shari Jacobus, Republican "strategist," on who's more arrogant, Bush or Kerry.

6. Jamie Court of the Foundation of Taxpayer and Consumer Rights on citizens buying drugs from Canada and whether or not those drugs are safe.

7. The "Fox Stox" segment highlighting Boeing, Southwest Airlines, Ford, Krisby Kreme and Toll Brothers.

8. Robert Toll, Chairman and CEO of Toll Brothers construction company on the housing market.

9. Round table discussion on whether or not Wall Street even cares about the housing market.

10. Fox reporter Degan McDowell on the advantages of a candidate appearing on late night comedy shows. A banner reading, "Is late night voters key to the White House?" said it all.

11. George Schlatter, creator and producer of "Laugh-In" on candidates having a sense of humor.

12. John Hover, a security guard at the Brooklyn Supreme Court building in NYC on finding and returning $50,000 in cash.

13. Viewer mail.

14. The Common Sense, or "analysis" segment.

COMMENT: Maybe I just don't get it but this sure as heck doesn't seem like a business show to me.