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Everybody Agrees: Kerry Was in Vietnam, Bush Wasn't

Reported by Judy - August 25, 2004 -

Jon Scott fumbled an interview badly on Fox News Live today (August 25). First, he took a position so ridiculous that he couldn't get even his Republican guest to agree with him and then he was blind-sided by the Democratic guest who deftly turned the issue of eyewitnesses to military service against George Bush.

Scott was discussing Sen. John Kerry's appearance on "The Daily Show" yesterday with Republican Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma, and Steve McMahon, Democratic media consultant.

Scott preceeded the interview with a clip from the show with Kerry being jokingly asked, "I understand you were never in Vietnam" and with Kerry trying to talk about issues and being interrupted again about never being in Vietnam, leading to laughter both times.

Scott began by disparaging Kerry's appearance, asking Keating, "I don't know, did it he pull it off? The clip where he talked about losing 1.8 million jobs, there wasn't a lot of comedy there, it seems like."

Keating disagreed. "I think John Kerry did a good job. ... I think he did well." He said Bill Maher once told him he didn't like to have politicians on his show because they gave speeches and didn't have a sense of humor, but, Keating said, "Last night, Kerry neither gave a speech nor showed he didn't have a sense of humor. I think it was a success."

Scott came back, saying Kerry wants the smear boat issue to go away. Keating said Kerry was a genuine war hero, but he agreed Kerry wants the issue of what he said after his war service to go away.

McMahon agreed with most of what Keating said, except that he thinks the issue will backfire on Bush the longer it goes on because of the comparison between Kerry's service in Vietnam and Bush's failure to show up for National Guard duty.

Scott tried to argue, "There hasn't been anybody from his national guard unit who has stepped forward to say he wasn't there."

McMahon countered with, "No one stepped forward to say he was there, either," and neither of his commanding officers remembers him being present.

Foolishly, Scott tried again, saying three swift boat captains say things happened differently from the way Kerry remembers it.

Again, McMahon outflanked the slow-witted Scott, saying:

"The difference between the three that can put John Kerry in Vietnam and the lack of even one who can put George Bush in the military service he says he completed is, I think, pretty alarming. You don't have anybody who says John Kerry wasn't in Vietnam, but you don't have a single person who can put George Bush serving in the Guard in Alabama. Don't you think that's kind of suspicious, that he can't remember where he lived, who he hung out with, where he might have been, or produce one person who can put him there?"

Scott finally figured out he had more than met his match, and turned to Keating to close out the segment.

McMahon not only demonstrated he is a better debater than Scott. He also gave Democrats a succinct comeback to the smear boat issue: "At least Kerry was there."