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The Buck Stops on Second Shift

Reported by Eleanor - August 24, 2004 -

A story on Special Report with Brit Hume (Aug. 24, 6:00 p.m) was the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal reported by Bret Baier with video of James Schlesinger, Chairman of the Commission, and the story was revisited later by the panel.

The investigation found no policy abuse. The abuse was not ordered or encouraged by the Pentagon. The guards were "under trained" and "under staffed." These were "freelance actions." The "sadism" on the night shift was not authorized. No such activities were on the day shift. The photos were taken of criminals. Resources were stretched thin. Rumsfeld can be faulted for "inadequate supervision," but it would be a "misfortune" if he resigns. There was inadequate planning for post-war Iraq, putting stress on the soldiers. No one above the rank of colonel was blamed.

During a panel discussion of this issue, Fred Barnes said the higher ups could be faulted for "omission," not "commission."

Comment: So the buck stops with the colonel on the night shift. Another example of the Bush administration not being blamed, or taking responsibility, for a massive failure of leadership, and no mention of the Geneva Conventions. Nobody gets busted except a few lower level people, with no conscience, who carried out unspeakable atrocities, with the authorities, at a minimum, looking the other way while the guards "softened" up the prisoners for interrogation. I wonder how many people really believe this is what happened? Words like "cover-up" or "whitewash" were no where in this report.