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Teresa Gets the Fox Treatment

Reported by Judy - August 24, 2004 -

Somehow during all its sneaky swiftee coverage today (August 24), Fox and Friends managed to squeeze in an attack on Teresa Heintz Kerry.

Co-host Steve Doocy interviewed Bill Beaman from Readers' Digest about his interview with Mrs. Kerry, leading into the segment asking, "So why doesn't she think her husband is qualified to be president?" He also called her a "loose cannon."

Beaman said Mrs. Kerry was outspoken and unpredictable and might come off as flaky. "I think where she runs into trouble over 30 minutes or so, eventually she'll say something that's provocative enough to be a great sound bite the next day."

Doocy read the quote which formed the basis of his lead-in, quoting Mrs. Kerry as saying, " I think nobody is truly qualified to be president of the United States. Are you qualified to run the world, not run the world but have that influence? No, nobody is."

Beaman said she was "actually making an interesting philosophical point. You know, has the presidency become so large, so complex that it's beyond the capabilities of any one person. But to actually say, nobody is up for the job, nobody is qualified to be president, and here you are the spouse of a presidential nominee. ... " At that point, Doocy interrupted Beaman to say "Jackpot! Good job!"

Beaman added that, "You can imagine what the campaign managers and others were thinking." Actually, no I can't. Could you maybe quote them instead of asking me to guess?

Doocy might have asked Beaman why, if Mrs. Kerry was making "an interesting philosophical point," he chose to portray her in the Fox interview as someone who "runs into trouble" when she talks. Doocy didn't ask, of course, because that's the way Fox wants Mrs. Kerry portrayed. Fox can't let intelligent women make interesting philosophical points when they should be home baking cookies.