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Real Journalism

Reported by Nancy - August 24, 2004 -

The August issue of "The Progressive" has a Q&A interview with the amazing Helen Thomas, still going strong after 44 years of covering the White House. It will make you pine (again) for real journalism.

Here's an excerpt:

Q: How did you see your role when you were a wire service reporter?
Thomas: Straight reporting. Just the facts, ma'am. I wrote dull copy because I was afraid even a verb would sound pejorative or judgmental. But now I go for broke. I have to be curbed. I can honestly say I was never accused of slant in my copy. But I tell everyone--this is my cliché--that I never bowed out of the human race since the moment I was born. I permitted myself to think, to care, to believe. But I was not paid for that. At the wire service, you had to have straight factual reporting and I did it for fifty-seven years.

Read the whole thing here.